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ASM Battle is a training program and and a game to learn assembly language. It's written in Python and available for Windows, macOS and Linux.


Code source:

Windows : Windows 64-bit installer
macOS : Mac installer
Linux : in a near future
Code source : source code (also available on Git Hub or with shell command : pip install https://michelrondeau.com/download/asmbattle-tar.gz)

Video Training

YouTube: in preparation

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ASM battle

This program is for me the old dream of creating a playing field to experiment with a simplified assembler environment that could be use to learn and to play.

The game

Each player submits a program in the simplified assembler supported by the program. Each program is assembled, loaded in its own memory location and is assigned a virtual processor. Each memory location and each character written to screen at the end of the game counts for one point.

A tiny BIOS provide a branch table for CPU startup and a print function (null terminated string). There is also a routine to print numbers. It's up to you to find where they are. You should look to attached programs which use them...

This is an early version. Enhancements will come based on user feedback.


This project is based on "Simple 8-bit Assembler Simulator" by Marco Schweighauser (2015). https://schweigi.github.io/assembler-simulator/

Michel, July 5th, 2021

English: ASM Battle home page Français : Page d'accueil du défi assembleur